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pixEOS has developed the first Art Gamification Platform through a smart-economy on the EOS blockchain - pixEOS tokens have multiple utilities enabling artists to promote, tokenise ownership, and monetize their content!

Fri January 25th
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PixEOS has established strong and solid partnerships to assure a smooth, professional and transparent platform launch.

pixEOS is listed on Token Pocket, Meet.One, Bitpie, EOS Live and EOS Lynx, and recommend them as trusted wallets to manage your assets and access the pixEOS Dapps.

Add pixEOS token to your favourite wallet and join our community to take part of our initiatives and contests.

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Token Launch

We are generating 1,000,000,000 pixEOS with inviting bonuses and launching a flash pre-sale right before our Dapp release.

Don´t miss the chance to get pixEOS before it hits the market and start getting staking rewards right away.


pixEOS Token Launch will run through our website and via smart contract, and the pixEOS tokens will be distributed immediately based on the pixEOS/EOS rate of the respective token launch date.

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All artwork created by the members of the amazing pixEOS community

Yusaymon Stellabelle Julia K Joe Chiappetta Organduo Fabi Yamada